Moss Furniture’s Stunning Wall Art Collection

July 21, 2014 Moss- Furniture Designer Boys Autumn Coloured Issey Artwork

A ‘home’ is just a house without a personal wall art collection. Add a touch of your personal taste by accessorising with Moss Furniture’s wall art collection. Their unique selection of wall art will add the funky twist you’ve wanted to help enhance your home.


Moss- Furniture Designer Boys Autumn Coloured Issey Artwork



















Alternating between all types of wall art from regular paintings to 3D pieces, suitable for any type of home. The collection within Moss Furniture includes minimalist pieces to more traditional landscape paintings that are so vividly painted they’ll make you feel as if you are within the surroundings of the painting. Within the collection are pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. For example Moss furniture’s wall art collection contains a ‘tiled mirror’ piece (displayed in the photo above) combining practicality within an art form.










With the help of Moss Furniture’s wide variety of wall art, it is easy to create an expressive atmosphere within your home. The variety of pieces within Moss Furniture’s extensive range of wall art, any piece will without a doubt splash an enormous amount of character within your home, incorporating creativity, individuality and style to your home. With the help of Moss Furniture’s stunning artwork collection you are sure to find that perfect piece of art to hang on that blank wall you’ve had staring at you to occupy.

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