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July 21, 2014 Moss-Furniture Crows Nest Pacific Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are an essential piece of any home. You can add a lot of depth and visual styling with one piece of furniture. Floor lamps come in all shapes and sizes, and can control how your room is lit adding a whole other dimension you can use for home styling.

Moss-Furniture Crows Nest Pacific Floor Lamp

Floor lamps have one major advantage over other pieces of furniture; the ability to have an interchangeable design. The lamp shade on a floor lamp can be replaced quite easily to suit a new renovation or for a quick change.













The 8 main types of floor lamps are:

  • Torchiere
  • Club Lamp
  • Glass Tray Lamp
  • Adjustable Floor Lamp
  • Six Way Floor Lamp
  • Tower Floor Lamp
  • Down Bridge Lamp
  • Pharmacy Lamp

When choosing a floor lamp design, make sure it is congruent with the rest of your room. Drum shades work well with modern homes and contemporary interior designs, and more intricate designs would suit more traditional and/or vintage homes. If you have a lot of bulky furniture, using a skinny floor lamp often won’t work therefore allowing other furniture to overpower the floor lamp leaving it looking scrawny.

The corner of the room is a common spot to place a lamp since it fills the space nicely and from the corners they can light up a large area of the room. There is also the added effect of making the room appear bigger and making it seem more open. So before you purchase a floor lamp, consider the size and décor of your existing furniture.

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