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July 21, 2014 Home Styling by Moss Furniture - Slider

Ever felt puzzled about how to present your lounge room? Don’t know what colours to use? Don’t know what style of furniture you are looking for? At Moss Furniture we know how stressful and confusing redecorating can be, especially when being bombarded with an endless choice of furniture, accessories and colours.

Here at Moss Furniture we are here to assist you at every step, making every choice just that little easier.

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Don’t stress, at Moss Furniture inside our very supportive team we even have our very own expert within the interior design industry to guide you through every decision.


Styling your house has never felt so easy, with the help of our personal interior decorator within Moss furniture, Lyn fisher. With the guidance of Lyn, you will have the freedom of receiving interior design advice on the furniture and colours you choose for the room you may be revamping. Through just simply bringing in a sample of the colour or colour patterns there may be within the room you are buying furniture for, Lyn will be able to select what will best suit the room.

Custom Made Commercial Dining Table

Through Lyn’s experience, she will be able to help you from choosing the perfect table to suit your large family to decking out the entire room. From colour scheme to furniture to the final touches of accessories, within Moss furniture Lyn and the rest of the team are happy to help you either a little or a lot!

Home Styling Interiors by Moss Furniture, Sydney

Open seven days a week, if you have a sudden desire to redesign your home, we will be here to talk and assist you at any moment. Don’t hesitate to come in, have a look and refurbish your home around Moss Furniture’s superior products.

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