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July 9, 2014 Lyn Glass Dining table with Brushed Stainless steel base

There are many advantages to choosing a glass dining table, especially a glass dining table from Moss Furniture.

If you are on the hunt for a new dining table, a glass dining table is perfect because they look great in any home with any existing furniture.

Moss-Furniture Hudson Glass Dining Table from Globe West















These types of dining tables are an excellent choice for many reasons.

It does not matter if your dining room already has an antique, modern, minimalist or any other theme. Glass dining tables can be matched with any chair or surrounding furniture. You never have to fear that the glass dining table you choose will not work well with them. This gives you complete freedom to decorate your room.

Moss Furniture - Charlie Round Glass Dining Table -Top view

Reflective surfaces also will make your room seem lighter and brighter by reflecting light back into the room. Imagine your existing space seeming larger and more open just by adding one of Moss Furniture’s gorgeous glass dining tables. Also, glass dining tables are easy to clean using a glass or window cleaner. This will ensure a beautiful streak free finish. Another plus is that glass dining tables are naturally scratch and heat resistant. Also, don’t forget, clear glass is not the only option. Moss Furniture offers a range of colours of tinted glass, and you can also choose other options such as frosted glass.

Reflective Glass Dining Table from Moss Furniture, Crows Nest

Moss Furniture is the preferred company to purchase a glass dining table because each of our tables boast a classy finish and a stylish glass top, which are guaranteed to add a sophisticated style to your home. So whether you are looking for a glass dining table for dinner for two or looking for one large enough to host a large dinner party, come to Moss Furniture or visit our website to discover a huge range of modern and glass dining tables.

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