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May 26, 2014

Home styling may seem like an expensive investment. However, having a comfortable and stylish home is important for your well-being and happiness. Try out these tips to add style to your home, without spending (almost) any money!














1. Organise your home.

Invest in nice office trays or frames to help de-clutter your space. This will help your space feel larger and more homely. Moss Furniture also sells a number of bookcases and wall shelves that will make it easy to start the organising process.


2. Paint your walls a new colour.

Try a bold or daring colour for your walls. This can help brighten up your day, every day! Avoid white, as it tends to be an un-inspirational color.


3. Add some personal touches.

Make sure that your room personifies who you are. The easiest way to do this is to add some family photos (but just a few!). If you want something more, browse our range of Wall Art, Object d’Art and Pots to see if you find something that inspires you.


4. Add a splash of colour to your old furniture.

Invest in some bold pillows to energize your couch. Or, try out a cool throw rug to add some flavour to the room. Always make sure you choose colours that complement your furniture and walls.


5. Change your light fixtures.

Investing in a modern light fixture can instantly transform your room to have a more modern feel. Try visiting a do-it-yourself store for some affordable and trendy lighting options that will lift the mood of your room. Or, visit our website and browse through some of our chic lighting options.


If you follow these tips and still feel your home is in need of a makeover, Moss Furniture offers home styling services, for both indoors and outdoors, at fair and affordable prices. Contact us to help you put together our wide array of modern and sophisticated collection of furniture and accessories to make you feel more relaxed in your home than ever before.

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