Industrial Aesthetic

May 21, 2014 Moss-Furniture Tech Coffee Table

Creating an industrial aesthetic in your home: 

Stainless steel combines minimalist design with the industrial aesthetic that has worked its way into vogue. No longer restricted to commercial kitchens, home appliances and outdoor settings, the benefits of stainless steel furnishings have seen its expansion into other areas of the house.

Moss-Furniture Tech Coffee Table

Dent, rust and stain resistant, stainless steel furniture is easy to clean and effortlessly sleek. Its structural properties and durability make it a strong competitor against furniture built from wood. Incorporating stainless steel into your current style and colour palette is simple, as its silver neutrality does not clash with other colours. Accent pieces will add an industrial edge to a room, without seeming overwhelmingly sterile.


For furniture that embodies both beauty and brawn, stainless steel is on trend and equally suited for commercial purposes as it is for your home and office. Moss Furniture’s Lyn Dining Table combines a brushed or polished stainless steel leg design with a stone or glass top, creating a softer industrial effect that is ideal for indoor dining. 


The Tech Otto Coffee Table is a minimalist’s delight, and the perfect choice when considering a stainless steel feature piece for your living room.

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