Custom made furniture is our specialty!

May 12, 2014

When buying furniture for your home, you want something unique that represents you and your family. It can be a challenge to find such designs in general furniture stores, where very limited colours and styles are usually offered. That is why Moss Furniture’s custom designs are perfect for your family home. 


At Moss Furniture we custom make almost anything! Our staff include fully trained interior designers ready to assist you create your ideal furniture. We work with you to understand and realise your vision. At Moss Furniture we use a wide range of top quality materials when creating custom designs, including but not limited to Athenian Marble, Stainless Steel, CeasarStone®  and Sapphire Glass. Moss Furniture has custom designed everything, including bar tables, chairs, stools, entertainment units and dining tables to suit various interior styles. At Moss Furniture we understand that furniture is a major investment and so it should be. Moss Furniture designs its furniture to be long lasting and durable, we assure quality in our work and aim to design classic styles that add a level of sophistication to your home. Call or Visit us in-store today, we’d love to help you complete your dream home.

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